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page 62 the text referring to Listing 3.1 I think that the text should refer to 'index.html' in the root project directory and not in './src/index.html'.

I like your book. I like your diagrams (esp the ones in chapter 2) and the gists are a nice idea. Will you do a complete, simple SPA starting with a test-driven approach?
Look forwards to the finished book.
Best Wishes
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Hi Adil,

Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated. I've added your amendment to the list for the next MEAP update.

In terms of testing, there will be a chapter on this later in the book where we add a new component to the my-books application using a test driven approach to explore Aurelia's testing tool-set and so on. Stay tuned, and I'd appreciate any input you have once it's released to MEAP smilie.