Maarten. (6) [Avatar] Offline
I was happy to see that you devoted an entire chapter about Observables in your book. However in the latest update (v10) the subject was removed from the content list. Observables are new to Angular and obviously play a central role in the framework. They can also be quite tough to wrap your head around. Does a deep dive book about Angular need to cover this or can you reasonably expect people to get that knowledge elsewhere? What are your thoughts?
jeremy.wilken (207) [Avatar] Offline
The chapter was removed, but the content for it still lives in various places. It became clearer as the book was being written that saving all relevant content around Rx and Observables for a late chapter in the book doesn't do it justice and leaves the book with a few bad practices.

To that end, I've added a section in chapter 1 that introduces observables. I'm still working on a few more edits that will expand details about how they are used throughout the book, but the forms chapter is a good example of one that has use of observables in a number of ways. This is not a book about RxJS (as there is one for it) and while its important it is too much to fully cover all it can do. I am trying to walk the line of giving readers the most useful content for what they typically need. If there are specific topics that you'd like to see or questions you have, I'm happy to hear those and consider what I might be able to do.