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I am confused as to the meaning of the word ReactiveX as used in the book. Sometimes, it seems to be used to refer to the ReactiveX Library ( ) . Other times, it seems to refer to the concept of Reactive Programming. I think, in the description of the book, and in the first couple of pages, the time should be taken to explain which one of the above meanings is the one the authors refer to. If both meanings are meant, I would suggest something like using Rx when referring to Reactive Programming and ReactiveX when referring to the library. On page 8, the authors explain that both Rx and ReactiveX refer to the library. However, like I mentioned above, it seems to me that they are sometimes referring to the concept of Reactive Programming with these words and that it would be best to keep the library and the concept separate.

On page 1, I was told that I would “learn what problems ReactiveX is meant to solve” in Chapter 1. I missed where in Chapter 1 it is explained what type of problems work best with ReactiveX.

On page 4, the bullet reading “If you are interested in the mobile part of this book …” does not seem to belong to that section. Maybe it would be better to relocate it to Page 2 titled “Perhaps you picked up this book because …”

On page 14, “[y]ou cannot possibly held” should read “[y]ou cannot possibly hold”

Also, I found the Book description at to provide the best short explanation I have read of what reactive programming is. This short description should also be in the book. I did not find a comparable explanation in the pages I have read so far.

Additionally, It would make sense to me to to move the content of pages 10-34 to their own chapter. Perhaps titled “But first some Basic Concepts.”

Other than that, I thank you for taking the time to make available what you have written so far and look forward to the rest.

Yamir Encarnacion