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[Failure] Could not find file 'C:\Projects2017\MvvmX01\MvvmX01\MvvmX01\MvvmX01.UWP\obj\x86\Debug\App.g.i.cs'.
[Failure] Could not find file 'C:\Projects2017\MvvmX01\MvvmX01\MvvmX01\MvvmX01.UWP\obj\x86\Debug\Views\FirstView.g.i.cs'.
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You can ignore those errors - those are transient errors as the UWP app hasn't been built yet. Once built the app should run and those errors go away.

If they don't go away, or your app doesn't run can you raise an issue in the GitHub repo for the VS 2017 extension - https://github.com/jimbobbennett/MvvmCross-VisualStudioAddIn. UWP is outside the scope of this book.
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Thanks, compiling things made that problem go away; but it was "worrying" that the Template actually produced those messages, as if template genaration was not functioning.