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It would be nice if you put a subsection talking about api versioning. It completes the api picture. Thanks for this book. It's quite complete and very clear.
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Hi, thanks for purchasing and reading!

Thanks for the suggestion. API versioning is definitely something you'll end up needing to use sooner or later, so it's often best to plan for it. The difficulty is that there are many ways to achieve it, and it can end up being a religious argument as to which is best!

I'll look at including a small section with a suggestion somewhere - I will probably look at including it in a later chapter, but it may make sense to add it to chapter 9 like you suggestsmilie

P.S. I quite like the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Versioning package, so I will probably use that:
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Yes, it's the package I'm testing and it's quite easy and has lot of functionality. Time ago it was a hell trying to add versioning.
Thanks for adding it, you're doing great job with this book. It's so clear to understand.
However it's a litle bit confusing the API chapter. I think you should put an explicit CRUD example, showing post or put with the [frombody] attribute and [fromform] for posting files.