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|> Query.findAll [ tag "img", attribute "src" (urlPrefix ++ url) ]

does not compile

The `attribute` function expects `Html.Attribute Never` rather than `String`.

After importing Html.Attribute

import Html.Attributes exposing (src)

the following works:

|> Query.findAll [ tag "img", attribute <| src (urlPrefix ++ url) ]
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Also in listing 6.10.
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Just ran into the same problem, someone at the San Francisco Elm Meetup just helped me fix it by downgrading elm-html-test in test/elm-package.json:

"eeue56/elm-html-test": "4.0.0 <= v < 5.0.0"

Not quite sure how to write this in elm-html-test 5.
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Thanks for pointing this out! I'll update this with Chapter 7.
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Hi, this is still not updated with the chapter 7
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Ah, that's my mistake. I fixed it in my local copy of Chapter 6 but didn't include it in the revised bundle that got sent out. Really sorry about that!

I'm currently updating chapters 1-7 for the Elm 0.19, so the fix will definitely be included in that update.