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Hi John,

I added hystrix dashboard to the examples and all was good. I could see the graphs and watch the Circuit breakers. I then created 2 containers, one serving the hystrix dashboard and another turbine. I looked at many examples to do this, from the net, but could not get these working. The server instance ran hystrix app fine, but when I placed in the URL for a service instance Stream, e.g. LICENSE, I got the error below, in stack trace. Turbine was getting the instance IPs from Eureka all OK. Looking at the service data manually it all seems fine. Connection refused (Connection refused)

I had removed all the security to try this.

Despite the dashboard working fine at each instance, the streams would not be read by the server dashboard instance. Same with Turbine, the raw data was pumping out from each of the servers, when I read manually, but the server dashboard didn't like it. I was actually unable to get any other example of turbine working from the net, tried about 6 !!!
Any ideas on how to get this to work. I have now created a simple example that also doesn't work smilie

happy to send more details

I went and read all the Netflix material on Hystrix and Turbine but no luck. I am not sure why even the Netflix examples, out there, don't work for this. Given all your examples work fine, not convinced my Mac is that weird !
John C Carnell (44) [Avatar] Offline

First, thank you for picking up a copy of the book. Second, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was helping a reader through another problem and had not been keeping track of the forums. One quick question. Are you trying to set up anything via Docker or Docker machine with Turbine and Hystrix. Just a wild guess but you might need to open the appropriate ports for Hystrix Dashboard and Turbin in order for the servers to communicate. If you like drop me an email (, we can chat further off-line.