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Hi - Will SSR and/or Vue-CLI be covered in any fashion? Thanks! smilie
Erik Hanchett (34) [Avatar] Offline
In the last half of the book, I do have a chapter on communicating with a server. It will mention SSR, and Nuxt in that chapter. It won't be a big focus though.
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Will you be focusing on NUXT on your next book?
Erik Hanchett (34) [Avatar] Offline

Actually, if you're interested in Nuxt, I have a course on it!

Find it here! ?
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I like NUXT except that it is too much tied to axios and Vuetify.

Will you talk about SSR API other than Axios, like real server written with GoLang?
Will you talk about Component Framework other than Vuetify, like Bootstrap-Vue?

I will signup for the course regardless.
Thank you very much for staying with VUE.