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I've successfully gone through each chapter in the book so far so I'm pretty sure my install is correct.
But now in Chapter 10, I'm getting errors on reuse().
When I run the code as is, I get this error in the second sess.run() call, the one that passes in the model():

ValueError: Attempt to have a second RNNCell use the weights of a variable scope that already has weights:

If I set the LSTMcell to reuse=True, I get this error in the call to rnn.dynamic_rnn during the constructor

ValueError: Variable rnn/basic_lstm_cell/weights does not exist, or was not created with tf.get_variable()

The appropriate use of variable scope and reuse seems to have been only lightly addressed and could perhaps get a few more lines of explanation.

I'm going to continue to dig in to the problem, but I wanted to point out that the code as is errors in at least some environments. In the meantime, any help or pointers would be appreciated.