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I see at the main web page of the book some quotes from some people, I guess readers, who provide some short review about the book.
For example:

"This book accomplishes what it sets out to do - let nearly anyone 'grok' Bitcoin. It does so in an engaging and story-like manner, letting us build up our own blockchain by iterating repeatedly on a system for tracking an alternate currency in a company."

~ Joel Kotarski

I am wondering, how is that possible when only three chapters, in beta version, are available.
How can we trust them?
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Sorry, I missed this thread.

We have some hand-picked reviewers that we throw this book at. Those comments you refer to are from the first round of reviews from those reviewers.

Again, sorry for not answering earlier.

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Hi Kalle,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question.

So, do you mean that these reviewers have at their disposal more than the three chapters I see as available?

Because, if providing such astonishing reviews is based merely on three chapters in beta version, I am wondering if I should ever trust again in my life any reviews.

Kind regards!
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351915 wrote:So, do you mean that these reviewers have at their disposal more than the three chapters I see as available?

Yes, they had the first 4 chapters. The reviewers did not read the whole book (as it doesn't exist yet). We got a lot of feedback, both negative and positive, from our reviewers. Marketing picked some of it to publish, and I agree that it sounds like this reviewer had read the whole book, which can seem a bit unfortunate.

Thank you
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