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Thanks for the new chapter 7 - but what happened to chapter 6 ?
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I'm wondering the same thing. Have you been able to follow along with chapter 7 at all as a result? Thanks-
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it says that:"Note: if you have the First Edition of the book using Node 4 and Angular 1 you need the First Edition code instead"

This might indicate a change in code which should be reflected in the text of the new chapter 6. However noting the differences between the two editions of code and using the old chapter 6 might work.

It should be possible to download the code from chapter 6 and jump to chapter 7, but i'll rather wait and do it chapter by chapter. :o)
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Thanks for posting this link here!

I'm going to check out the code and see if I can put the pieces together and if I stumble, I'll just have to wait as well.