Sergei Nikulov (5) [Avatar] Offline
Could you please provide information what changed since the first edition?
Is it really - "Fully updated"?
198361 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Likewise, I'd like to know what warranted a second edition. Why should I buy (and wait for) the second edition versus buying the first edition?
Ian Miell (17) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Sergei,

There are several new chapters, mostly in the area of orchestration, which has grown significantly since the first edition. The 'developing docker' section has been expanded, with a few new techniques.

All techniques are being updated for later versions of Docker, and obsolete techniques removed.

In terms of text updates, I'd say the update will revise about 25% of the contents, if that gives you an idea.

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I do not want to be the one complaining here but I feel like that half of the price for the second edition is still too much considering the changes.