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satish860 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Where can we download data for first module ? Thanks
416157 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I agree with Satish860: Dan why don't share the file 'food.npz' that you describe in your video?
This way students like me can get a plot similar to what you show in the first module.
At the moment, I do not fully understand the formats 'npy' or 'npz' which seem to be both binary
This is another good reason to share your file with us
Thank you !
2621 (1) [Avatar] Offline
+1. Also in the 'Get it' part asks to add features to the model (linear regression) and it mentions some .py file, it would be nice to be able to follow the instructions smilie
447822 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Having same problem ! need files
Greg J. Wild (6) [Avatar] Offline
Satish860 (and the rest). Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will be addressing this shortly. We appreciate your patience, and apologise for the inconvenience.

Greg Wild
Acquisition Editor
Manning Publications
Greg J. Wild (6) [Avatar] Offline
You'll find the code download here:

Once again, apologies for the delay, and thank you for your patience!
430476 (6) [Avatar] Offline
Course Author here. All the files written or used in the course should be available with it or pointed to online. So thanks for pointing out if something seems to be missing. I know I get frustrated with algorithms that don't provide example data, so I appreciate where you're coming from. I think Greg has provided the link, so should address this concern. If it doesn't, please let us know and we'll rectify it.

-Dan Van Boxel
Jose in Florida (2) [Avatar] Offline
I have an off topic question Dan. What is the editor you used in your video? You are typing on the right in an editor and the Python command line on the left seems to pick up the code you're typing. Does your editor compile and execute? If so is the setup easy or at least documented? I work mainly with C# in Visual Studio. I have some Java experience. I've used vi on Linux for scripting, Eclipse for Java. But I haven't really found a great GUI editor in Linux. Any suggestions?
430476 (6) [Avatar] Offline
Oh man, my editor workflow setup is my favorite thing. I run `tmux`, with ViM on the right and IPython on the left, each in its own pane. Then, using a ViM plugin called `slimux`, I can issue a single keyboard command to send the current ViM line to another tmux pane, namely the one running IPython. It's so incredibly fluid. All the interactive power of IPython with all the features of my favorite text editor.

If you want to learn more about this setup, I have both an ebook (free, at, as well as a tutorial on Youtube ( I highly recommend it for exploratory data science and machine learning.

If you want this kind of setup yourself, I have a script for ubuntu that install all the necessary things from a clean distro. Check it out on github at Make sure to checkout branch `ubuntu`, and run ``. Happy computing!

Jose in Florida (2) [Avatar] Offline
Thank you so much. I am going to try it out. For the time being last night I installed the Wingware IDE for Python. My biggest problem at this point is my external monitor. I have a great 28" Vizio. I just bought an Acer Helios 300 with the Invidia 1060 GPX card. So far so good. Until I tried to mirror or extend the latop to the monitor. So far I have not been able to even mirror the laptop screen to the Vizio. It shows up in a snapshot mode with the cursor but the screen does not allow you to click and nothing gets mirrored past the initial screen. You can open up anything on the laptop and the extended screen stays the same - dead - inactive - useless. I can still use the laptop but I love my Vizio! No problems with the extended monitor when I boot up in Windows 10 - it's just Ubuntu with the problem. I tried 4 different Nvidia drivers last night. I'm going to keep trying and then try using Keras with Anaconda under Windows 10.
Thanks again.