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Is there any specific reason to start with keras 1 in the video ? Is it possible to try the same code examples in Keras 2
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Course Author here. The videos use Keras 1 for 2 reasons. The biggest one is that I finished recording them about 1 week before Keras 2.0 came out. The secondary reason is that many users of Keras (especially from large institutions) are still using old Keras 1 code.

While the videos are for Keras 1, all provided code files are available in both Keras 1 and 2. If those are not in the course, I'll talk to the publisher to make sure they get listed.

As a bonus, there's an extra video that walks through the process of updating your Keras code from 1 to 2. It doesn't cover everything, but it tries to get the areas likely to come up.

-Dan Van Boxel
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I am skeptical to buy this course as it uses Keras 1.x not 2. Any plans to upgrade the course and code to 2,x?
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While the videos are nominally in Keras 1.0, the code is available for both 1.0 and 2.0. Keras 2.0 is very friendly in that if you use a deprecated feature or name, it will usually warn you without crashing. This makes updating your code a lot less painful.

The decision to publish as 1.0 came down mostly to timing, but also to enterprise viewers who may not be able to upgrade to 2.0 yet. Machine Learning software, as a rule, moves very quickly, and Keras is no exception. Future editions of this course will almost certainly be Keras 2 (unless Keras 3 comes out first!).