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I have just taken a cursory glance through the book, and I have seen that in the first four chapters, React.createClass is used, a construct which is deprecated. Could the author explain why he chose to use constructs that are deprecated? Is he going to update the book to remove all the deprecated materials?
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similarly React.PropTypes which is used extensively throughout the book is being deprecated.

I wonder if the book will reflect these changes.
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Thanks for posting! Any use of React.createClass will be removed before final release of the book. The reason it's in there at all is that at the time I started writing, there was still a heavy dependency on the babel toolchain to transpile ES2015+ code and I felt it would be difficult to have to learn an entire tooling solution *and* React *and* ES6 (which was still relatively new at the time, having only been formalized 6 mo. before) at the same time, so I opted for createClass. Since then, however, it's been marked for deprecation and so I will happily follow suit smilie Thanks!
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Also, PropTypes will be moved to reference the prop-types package smilie
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I see that the latest update already includes these changes! Thank you Mark for keeping it all up to date
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Thanks very much for your explanation.
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No problem!