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hettlage (136) [Avatar] Offline
I'm a bit puzzled: Don't you have to bind the methods onTitleChange, onDescriptionChange, onCreateTask and toggleForm to this in Listing 2.12?
Will Faurot (8) [Avatar] Offline
Yep, you're 100% correct that handlers like `onStatusChange` and `onTitleChange` need to have `this` bound, but instead of binding in the constructor like this:
this.onTitleChange = this.onTitleChange.bind(this)

we chose to use an early-ish stage ES2015 feature that lets us bind `this` directly in the method definitions:

class TasksPage extends Component {
  constructor(props) {
    // ...

  onTitleChange = e => {  // Where the magic happens
    this.setState({ title: });

  onDescriptionChange = e => {
    this.setState({ description: });
  // ...

Check out #5 on this list for a quick description.

Thanks for bringing this up though, I think it's a sign that we may hand wave over this in the book. Making a note to update smilie.