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I'd be grateful if anyone could help me see what probably very basic thing I've done wrong...

I want to use Emacs as my Idris development environment.

I'm on Windows 10, using GNU Emacs 25.2.1, with Idris 1.0 and idris-mode-0.9.19.

I create Hello.idr as on p19. If I then use a command prompt and follow the instructions, everything works fine, including :exec giving me "Hello, Idris World!" and a new prompt, as expected.

Suppose instead I find the file in emacs. I can load it using C-c C-l. I get a message in the minibuffer "Not an image: nil"; however, I also get an *idris-repl* buffer. C-c C-l again gives me Loaded in the mode-line of Hello.idr and the more promising "Type checking .\Hello.idr" and a prompt in *idris-repl*, and the message "No holes found!" in the minibuffer. Many interactions in *idris-repl* seem to go find, e.g. 2+2 gives me 4 : Integer. However, :exec gives me (in a new Comint buffer) the error

Process idris-C:\Users\bms\AppData\Local\Temp\idris1147829358 exited abnormally with code 53

Any ideas? Can give more details if needed of course, but hopefully this is enough to make it obvious to someone what I've done wrong.

Thanks very much in advance.