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The book quotes on page 14:

I have worked now with Aurelia for 3 weeks.
However, the integration of 3rd party controls (have integrated the ag-grid and jQuery UI lib controls) have taken me hours.
Mostly due to false, outdated or incomplete example code and "lessons" on the Internet and not much help by the Aurelia Doc, Forum, Community and Provider of those controls.
The most confusing part is, that there are (at least) 3 standard ways to setup the Aurelia framework, each requiring different details for setting up 3rd party stuff.
Since months Aurelia has promised better support (at least for the CLI setup and when it comes, maybe all will be easy.
But at this date June 2017 integrating 3rd party controls is NOT a breeze (but a good exercise to find out about all the aurelia internals normally hidden behind the scene).
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Sorry to hear that you've hit some speed bumps with integrating 3rd party controls. We'll be covering this in chapter 3 of the book, so stay tuned smilie. Will be interested to see whether this addresses some of the issues you've run into.

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I have been working with Aurelia for some months now, and to me the biggest challenge is to integrate 3rd party controls, especially using Typescript.
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Thanks for the feedback. I've revised the first chapter to remove this section since it appears that my experience with integrating third party controls is not necessarily in line with what others have experienced. We do have sections to cover integrating third party controls from chapter 3 on-wards so hopefully this should help smilie.