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I eagerly awaited the release of "Aurelia in Action". Now it is here and I am loving it (I knew I was going to love Aurelia). I hit my first snag when trying to install the CLI globally; NPM kept saying aurelia-cli was not in its registry. A search of the issues in the Aurelia Github repo produced the solution:
1. start a new instance of the Powershell and there enter
2. npm -g clear cache; then enter
3. npm install -g aurelia-cli
worked like a charm now I have my Hello, World app up and running. May I suggest adding this to the trouble-shooting tips in section 2.2.3?

Great job Sean!
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Thanks for the feedback. That's a really good point. I'll add these as troubleshooting steps. If you've run into the issue then it's more than likely that others will as well.