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Hi Andrew! I'm starting to learn Deep Learning using the MEAP version of your book. I have some experience with statistics (multiple regression, ANOVA, logistic regression using R) but no experience at all with Deep Learning until this morning, when I've started reading your book. It is very well written by the way and I haven't studied computer science or math, so until now (page 23) you kept your promise to make it available to all that might want to learn. Now, regarding my issue: at page 23 you probably mean with a single datapoint a single variable right? I see it from my statistical experience perspective. If so, maybe it is better to write single-variable instead of a single datapoint. I personally am not that interested in image processing, I've thought more about a dataset on finding out how the beavers choose a river spot to build their dam (because I have a small dataset on it and already done a logistic regression on it). So, maybe you should consider the book more as an entry point for environmental scientists.... smilie I don't know what others wish, of course, I just want to try to get you write more in this direction if possible!