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[Originally posted by svoboda]

I'm just now getting used to Java/Swing, and my first problem is a doozy:
I want to create a text editor (easy) that keeps track of sentences...that
is, strings that end with a period '.'. (We all know that this is an overly
simple model for sentences, but this is just for starters.)

So I was figuring the way to do this is to use a JTextArea (don't need any
styles) and subclass the AbstractDocument class. I figure the Right Thing here
involves managing Elements differently than the PlainDocument class (it seems
to equate elements with lines-of-text, not sentences.)
But I can't find any examples that play with Elements, and the documentation
on Elements is sparse; I have only ascertained that Elements are probably
the Right Thing. Are there any tutorials or code examples that use Elements
in some manner other than lines or paragraphs?