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Apart from the repeated blocks of text, which I'm sure the copyeditors will fix, you may want to change the name of the alternate internet example that you give in Chapter 1. There is already a well-known and successful organization called Internet2 that functions in the academic space.
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Thanks for pointing out the "Internet2" issue. I wasn't aware of that. Will fix.

What repeated blocks of text are you referring to?

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As to the repetition, see for example chapter 1, where the following paragraphs each appear twice:
  • in section 1.2.4, the last two paragraphs (starting with "As noted at the start" and "Bob's wallet is connected")

  • in section 1.3.4, the second paragraph ("You might say")

  • in section 1.5.4, the paragraph below "Ownership" ("Bitcoin allow you to")

  • (I haven't read further yet).

    Thank you for the effort, I am looking forward to the book!
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    Thank you!
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    Oh, I had forgotten to mention it: I finished reading the first three chapters and didn't notice any further such repetitions.
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    Good to hear, thanks.