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Hi great book ! On page 10 (and others where Visio like SQL Tables are shown)

In the drawing you refer to Books (plural) , while the other table is called Author. I would suggest it has to be Book (singular ) as it's DBSet<Book>
Same on page 27 ...

small one : p23 1.10.4 It's called Visual Studio "Core" should be Visual Studio "Code"


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Hi S,

Thanks for reporting these. Firstly the names of the tables. The diagram is correct: the table is called "Books" while the author table is called "Author". I explain in chapter 6 that the table names a) use the DbSet<T> property name, or b) if there is no property then it uses the class name. But, I think I should put a note in chapter 1, as it is confusing. Thanks for pointing that out.

Yep, I got Visual Studio Core Code wrong. I have fixed it and it will go out in the next, next MEAP (just missed the the deadline for the MEAP going out in 10 days time).

Thanks for your feedback, and I am glad you like the book.

Jon P Smith