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Many code examples from the book are rendered as images with a fixed resolution/width of 590px which makes them barely readable on ebook readers with higher resolutions (e.g. in my case a Pocketbook HD Touch - 1072 x 1448 px).

I can get the images scale to the full width by post processing the ePub file as described here: https://www.georgbeier.de/allgemein/read-manning-books-on-an-hd-ebook-reader/
But even then the contained text is barely readable since the images get blurred by upscaling them.

It would be nice if you could fix/improve the ePub to make it usable on current generation readers:
- increase image resolution or use SVGs
- add CSS style to scale images to the full width by default
- or even better: don't render text as images just to get some fancy arrows

Thank you and best regards
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We're currently revising our production process to address this issue. We expect to have a solution soon.

We investigated options like SVG, simply increasing image resolution/size, and scaling. Each, of course, presents its own problems.

Ultimately, I think we've decided on a simpler, text-based solution and we're working on integrating this into our workflow.

Kyle Jackson
Production Support Manager
Manning Publications

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Any news on this issue? I own a two-year old tolino shine and the epub is unusable on this device.
The main reason for using the ebook reader is because I can increase the font size in contrast to the printed book.

Thank you,