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Garth321 (4) [Avatar] Offline

First off, this is a great book. Noticed that you held out mentioning zuul.sensitivityHeaders until you were calling organizationservice from licensingservice. I was having issues until I read on and put that setting in the application.yml.

Garth Schneider Appleton,WI
John C Carnell (44) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Garth,

I suspect you are the garth I am working with at Thrivent. Do you know what chapter you were referrring to. I am putting the final touches and see if I can sneak a note in there.]

Garth321 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Congratulations on the best book ever on Spring Microservices (and I have read a few). Yes, I worked with you at Thrivent. I am using your book heavily in building out Spring Microservices for the company I am in now.

In my original post I used the right header zuul.sensitiveHeaders but in text I used sensitivityHeaders. I see that that is on page 211. I guess I had a hanging problem that solved itself after I used that advice. At any rate all is working great now.

Great Work.
Thank you,