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[Originally posted by cjacobs]


which method of implementation( Explicit VS Lazy Initialization ) of class
attributes is preffered when implementing GUIs. I have alway initialize my
JComponents in my "get methods". Wouldn't this slow the peformance of the


JButton button1 = new JButton( "Explicit" );


JButton button2;

private JButton getButton2() {
if( button2 == null )
button2 = new JButton( "Lazy" );
return button2;

You have method overhead, and every access to the instance variable includes a
conditional test.

Please, your comments or suggestion...

Thanks inadvance,

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Re: Lazy Initialization vs Explicit Initialization!!!!
[Originally posted by wwake]

I usually start with explicit initialization
JButton b = new JButton("button");

I don't tend to do lazy initialization like you showed.

What I find, though, is that as your interface needs internationalization, or
becomes more dynamic, etc., that the simple initialization above has to be
done inside a method.

I usually start simple and "grow" what I need (trying to work in the "Extreme
Programming" stylesmilie

--Bill Wake