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Latest version should be v13, shouldn't it? However it keeps downloading v12, seems manning related error
Marina Michaels (45) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for pointing this out. I've asked the person responsible for this to look into it.
Marina Michaels (45) [Avatar] Offline
This has been fixed now. Thanks again for telling us!
513999 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Marina,

the epub- and mobi-version of the book are still the MEAP/version 12-issue.

Can you fix it please?

Regards - Marcus
Marina Michaels (45) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Marcus,

I've looked into this again.

(a) the latest MEAP update was version 12, so what you're downloading is the correct version, and

(b) this book is now in print, so you should be able to download the PDF of the published version. (The EPUB and Kindle versions will be ready soon.)

Thanks for your patience.
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Thanks Marina