Max (7) [Avatar] Offline
thanks once again for interesting book, finished it.

One of the sweetest parts was "Appendix B" use case where you design an application that tracks mobile users' positions.

Is it possible that you create few more similar designs in blog or in new editions of the book.
For ex. design the "Twitter-like" service (with personal tweets feeds for each user, search by tags, etc),
statistical system "Splunk-like" (ability to aggregate and zoom some logged parameters),
or any other streaming data use case...

It would be very interesting because in fact you verbalize the design/architectural process from the perspective of Reactive patterns...

Roland Kuhn (17) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Max,

thanks for the kind words! I agree that these would be interesting blog post material, but alas I do not have enough time to work on them right now.