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With HUGE difficulties I managed to compile and start the Redux-Netflix app.
I can enter the Movies component only because it is declared as IndexRoute of /
All the other routes declared inside the <Router> component do not resolve on the client. Instead an explicit GET is sent to the server, which obviously responds with a 404.
Having verified that the author of the book has graciously taken my money and departed for the next endeavour, is there anyone among the readers who could suggest me what could be going wrong in this case? Thank you in advance.
Azat Mardan (41) [Avatar] Offline
I can assure that I haven't seen you or anyone else's money since Manning won't pay any royalties until the book is published. smilie

As far as your question, I'm not sure what MEAP version do you refer to, but in the recent version, that's how the example is suppose to work (ch14). In the next chapter (ch15), you are going to build the server side support for the routing: