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Just started looking at the current version (as a PDF) and noticed a few errors:

  • text and diagrams seem to be out of sync on pages 35 & 36 ( figs 2.7 & 2.8 )

  • typo "data scew" (data skew) in panel choosing keys warning on page 39

  • text missing in fig 2.9 on page 40: "No replication is.."

  • labels in fig 2.10 on page 42: partitions 0 & 1 are flipped for broker 2

  • typo in figure 2.11 on page 44: "Broker 1 is the leader for partition 0 and is the is a follower for partition 1 on broker 3" - should read something like "Broker 1 is the leader for partition 0 and a follower for partition 1, for which Broker 3 is the leader"

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    Thanks for pointing those out. I've fixed the ones I could find.

    Would you mind specifying the chapters you found these in?

    Thanks again and I hope you are enjoying the book.
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    here's a few more I noticed:
    section 3.2.3 refers to 'listings 5,6 and seven'
    firstly not good to mix numbers and words
    secondly I suspect it is referring to steps 5,6,7 as referenced later on in this section rather than separate listings

    minor point, but listing 3.5 refers to variable upperStream, but in downloaded code it is called upperCasedStream

    section 3.3.1, towards the end, point 4 RewardAccumultor should be RewardAccumulator

    section 3.3.2, first sentence 'Our fist step' should be 'Our first step'

    section 3.4
    first sentence after Listing 3.17 - 'how it can up us' should be 'how it can help us'
    third sentence after Listing 3.17 - 'The Now you' should be 'Now you'
    last sentence of section - 'you need to have a good toStirng method' - should be toString
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    You referred to Chapter 3, section 3.8: “we covered window stores and retention in Chapter 3, section 3.8”

    This part doesn't exist