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I'm trying to write a test to return a list from method calls to EntityManager. The line of code is:
entityManager.createNativeQuery("myQuery").setParameter(1, param1).getResultList()

Since createNativeQuery returns a Query, the setParameter is called on that. But so far I can't figure out how to set up the mocks to allow me to create a mocked Query that I can return my test list from when I call getResultList.

I've been looking at different syntax possibilities, but can't find a correct match. It would be easier if all the method calls were on entityManager and not on an object that it returns.

Forgot to mention that the error I keep getting when trying to mock this is "can't setParameter on null object".

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I made a mistake. There is not createNativeQuery - there is createNamedQuery. Once I corrected the typo I was able to mock Query and EntityManager.
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Know that a new article is in the works that will talk exclusively about Mocking with Spock!