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433587 (1) [Avatar] Offline
what i get instead is:
<console>:22: error: missing argument list for method unsafePerformAsync in class Task
Unapplied methods are only converted to functions when a function type is expected.
You can make this conversion explicit by writing `unsafePerformAsync _` or `unsafePerformAsync(_)` instead of `unsafePerformAsync`.

if i run res0.unsafePerformAsync(_)

i get:
res2: (scalaz.\/[Throwable,frdomain.ch8.cqrs.service.Account] => Unit) => Unit = <function1>

Phil Derome (48) [Avatar] Offline
I observed the same but didn't notice your topic. See additional detail on topic "Few minor issues with Chapter 8's handleCommand"
Debasish Ghosh (116) [Avatar] Offline
I replied to the other thread .. Pls change to the following ..

scala> import scalaz._
import scalaz._

scala> import Scalaz._
import Scalaz._

scala> import \/._
import $bslash$div._

scala> res0.unsafePerformAsync {
     | case -\/(ex) => ex.printStackTrace
     | case \/-(value) => println(value)
     | }