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.defined(d => d.y === null)
How would .defined(d => d.y === null) work? It will return 'true' if d.y is null, so no valid data points would be included.

You say that datapoints can't be missing, so they can't be null. And I can't see how it could draw a point unless both elements (x and y) are present. So perhaps it could return false if the datapoint is an (empty) string:

d ==> typeof d.value !== 'string'
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.defined(d => d.y === null)
You're right, that should have been !== but perhaps the point is unclear: To use the defined functionality, you still need to have the datapoints in existence, they just need to have a data value at that point that corresponds to your defined settings. So the above would expect a line built out of points like this:

{x: 1, y: 5},
{x: 2, y: 3},
{x: 3, y: null},
{x: 4, y: 4},
{x: 5, y: 6}

And this will generate a line with a gap as step 3.