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A book supposed to speak about Electron with nowhere "Webview" indicated?
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline

Author here. I guess you're questioning how much of Electron's APIs are covered. Not all of them are covered (such as the PowerMonitor API), partly because they landed after the book was finalized, and because to do a comparison of Electron to NW.js (the other desktop framework that the book covers), we needed to have APIs that we could compare in terms of what they did.

To address the specific point of WebView, that isn't covered in the book - that's partly because scope of the book is broadly common desktop app requirements and features combined with doing this across 2 desktop app frameworks, which is a lot of work.

This book is tailored to an audience of people who know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and want to learn how to make desktop apps with either Electron or NW.js. There are some useful bits for those who are familiar with those frameworks and actively doing desktop app development today from some well-learned experience of doing this.

If you feel that the WebView API should be addressed, I could suggest perhaps asking about it in the forum for "Electron in Action" - the author might be covering it there, or include it.


Paul Jensen