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Very disappointed with the lab setup process. I see that there are others wanting a manual process for setting up the lab who have been ignored. Hoping to be the squeaky wheel that gets the manual process posted.
Thanks in advance for posting manual lab setup instructions.
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If you read the intro to the book about the lab setup, you might recall that it is mentioned that setting up the lab is quite a handfull and would be a book of its own, and why that the focus on the book is about administrating Config Mgr, hence why the chapters are about just that.

After going through the book i also wanted to setup my config mgr to fit in my enviroment, hence a manual install/setup, i started to look at the hydration files to see what was done there and adopted as many of the things from there, and changed the script to my needs. So i actually ended up with a script doing my install/setup, why so? Because life is to short to do it manually.

So my recommendation is to look at how the script is working and adopt as much as possible/needed to your enviroment, i guess you want be needing another DC and so on.

Otherwise there is a lot of web sites that, provide you with just that info you need on how to setup Config Mgr. one thing you will notice though, is that to my experience they all are different as you seldom will find two companies with a identical setup and need.

Kind regards
Jan V.
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Hi Again,

I know the following link isn't related to the lab setup, but Niall know what he is talking about and really good at documenting the setup for SCCM, he recently made a new post about configuring SCCM ground up either by hand or done with PowerShell (automated).
Give it a look and maybe that will help you in your quest for doing the lab in a manual setup.

Best regards
Jan V.