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456581 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Notice how the code snippet became just a blurry image, how the footnote got inserted right after the paragraph, how the header, listing styles disappeared, how my font settings got overridden.
Why, Manning?


Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
Thank you for letting us know. We'll look into it.

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor
Manning Publications
Tom (2) [Avatar] Offline
Has any progress been made on this issue?

I just bought this book, so I don't have access to the MEAP version for comparison, but I am seeing the same problem: Annotated examples are rendered as very small images with blurry light grey text. This makes them very difficult to read on an ereader. As I'm sure you can imagine, having all the annotated examples in a programming book impossible to read easily is unacceptable.

In all the other ebooks I have purchased from Manning, code is properly formatted as text, with numbers in circles linking parts of the code to annotations which appear after the code block. This is great, as it means that the code can be rendered in whatever font face and size I find legible, isn't blurry if made larger, and can wrap to the next line or across pages where necessary. In contrast, rendering text as images is particularly hostile to visually impaired or dyslexic readers, as it prevents them using screen-readers, larger fonts or special fonts designed to aid legibilty.

As all my other purchases are still in their early-access stage, I am now slightly worried that when they are complete they too will have their nicely formatted code replaced with tiny light grey images which I cannot read.
Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
You might trying double-clicking the image. Some eReaders will enlarge the images so they're easier to read. What you're seeing is an older process, which Manning no longer uses. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor