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[Originally posted by mcgeorge]

I am brand new to Swing and in fact brand new to GUI programming and I am still
trying to get my head around some for the basic concepts before I write too
bad code that I will have to rework, which leads to my question ...

On page 39 (First Edition) Figure 2.6 illustrates the "More realistic anatomy
of a Swing component". This explodes the interation between the View and the
Controller into 7 distinct interactions, however these are not labeled. I am
still in the "who does what to whom and when" phase of my learning. I wish the
book had spent more time on this diagram, and perhaps included a time line to
clarify the cause and effect relationships in the MVC architecture.

I am certain I can dig into this and annotate the diagram myself, but I am
hoping someone has already done this and can save me a couple hours work.
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Re: Understanding Model-View-Controller
[Originally posted by matt]

Try looking at the explanation of MVC in chapter 1 here: still may not have enough detail for you. If it doesn't, and you really
want to know a lot about MVC, I suggest David Geary's latest Swing book. He
covers this topic more extensively than anybody (the book is really worth
getting regardless).