Winson (32) [Avatar] Offline
Will you update the topic of React Router to React Router version 4 because version 4 syntax is quite different from version 3?
justin-c (41) [Avatar] Offline
Ye... i hope so too... maybe that's why progress on the book has stalled?
Azat Mardan (41) [Avatar] Offline
There were some unsolved issues with new React Router, Webpack and something else out of my control and we couldn't delay the book anymore to wait or find a workaround... so while there so no RR v4 in the book, the code in the GitHub could be updates to reflect new versions.
justin-c (41) [Avatar] Offline
Fair enough. Honestly, I don't know how the API of prior versions work but v4's documentation is quite easy to go through and learn - plenty of examples too.