Anatoly (12) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Alexander,

It seems that your book will be finished soon.

Hopefully you have this in mind but just in case I suggest you to make sure that Kafka of the the same version is used throughout the whole book.

Initial chapters still refer to 0.8 which is obsolete now, while the rest of the book uses 0.9. This maybe confusing for newcomers.

Or, maybe you can consider even shifting to 0.10 since by the time the book is published 0.9 may become somewhat outdated?

Thank you,
S├ębastien Portebois (6) [Avatar] Offline
I know this is an old one, but indeed many different versions are used, and that break a few samples:

If you try Chapter 3 in the current state of the MEAP (v15) and Github repos, you get:

- Kafka installed if you followed exactly the instructions in Chapter 2 (!/book/event-streams-in-action/chapter-2/v-15/point-1430-90-90-0 )
- in the build.gradle sample in the book : `compile 'org.apache.kafka:kafka-clients:'`
- in current master branch of the Github repo ( build.gradle: `compile 'org.apache.kafka:kafka-clients:'`

All these versions mismatch result in a failing sample (upgrading Kafka so that the client don't have a newer version than the server solved it, but having to dig into this wasn't very intuitive, and all the mismatch were quite confusing.