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Dear Jeremy,
Do you plan to update your book to cover new angular 4 features ?
jeremy.wilken (186) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Vincent,

The latest chapter is written in Angular 4, and I'm currently updating the rest of the book to Angular 4. I will include some details about Angular 4, though there aren't many additions. Its largely a performance boost and improved packaging, which is important but doesn't require you to do anything different in most cases.

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Do you think you'll be updating it to Angular 5? I understand it's not really a major release, they said that very few things would break and require change from 4 to 5. The general consensus online also seems to be that it's pretty straightforward to go from 2 to 5.
jeremy.wilken (186) [Avatar] Offline
All of the code and concepts were updated to reflect Angular 5, so don't worry!
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Nice! You should have Manning update the title of the book on the website. It still says "with angular 2" and that might be damaging sales. There may be people choosing not to enroll in the MEAP because they think it's outdated.
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Thanks, I hadn't noticed it was still saying that, and have asked them to update it.
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No problem. smilie Looking forward to the book's release.