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I've just finished the book. Thanks for such a great and clear resource for a topic with an otherwise steep initial learning curve!

There are two topics though not covered in the book about which I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts.

First, what's the recommended way for aggregating logs from all the containers?

Secondly, are there any best practices for development and testing workflows? For example when developing a new service in my local machine, should I connect it with the rest of the live cluster through some proxy, or should I have a copy of a subset of the cluster running locally with Minikube, etc.

Thanks again!
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I initially planned to include a whole chapter on centralized logging, but have later decided to skip it. I am reconsidering adding at least a short section on the topic. I just need to find the proper place to put it.

As far as development workflows go, I'm happy to report that I've just written three pages on the subject and added them to Chapter 14. It's not too in-depth, but it should give readers a general idea of how to approach this subject.

Thanks for pointing this out.
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A chapter on logging aggregation would be indeed very welcome.
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Without logging aggregation, the book will be crippled.It definitely worth a chapter
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I have added a section explaining how centralized logging works, but there won't be a step-by-step guide on how to set it up. Mostly because, as with metrics, there's no "official" way of doing centralized logging. It's outside the scope of core Kubernetes and hence outside the scope of the book. But, as the Helm charts at mature, I'm sure setting up centralized logging will be a matter of deploying a single chart with a single command very soon, so a step-by-step guide won't even be necessary.

If I had more time, I'd probably reconsider, but the book is going into production now. I may publish a blog post on this subject, seeing how a lot of people are interested in it.

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Hi Marko,

first of all thanks for your book! It's well written and its contents are very helpful!

I understand and agree with your rationale to leave out a full discussion of centralized logging.

Just wanted to point out that you have a "leftover mention" of it in v10 in Chapter 3 of the book at p. 65.

Setting up centralized logging is explained in Appendix E.

Good luck with the production,
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Thanks. I removed the reference during my final review.