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[Originally posted by kiran]


I have to read an rtf file and split it into separate lines or objects and
then display each of the lines or objects in a separate text pane or text
I am reading the rtf file into a document object like this:

RTFEditorKit rk = new RTFEditorKit();
DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(new FileInputStream("in.rtf"));
String s1 = dis.readLine();
InputStream is = new ByteArrayInputStream(s1.getBytes());,jEditorPane1.getDocument(),0);

This option is generating a run time error saying "Truncated RTF File".

If I try using DataInputStream in the read function instead of InputStream
object, then also it is unable to display. If I use InputStream directly then
it reads the entire file and displays the entire file in a single text pane.
That is not useful in my case.

If I split the Document object into Element objects and then use each of the
Element object to create a separate document, it is posing the same problems.

My problem ultimately, is to create a set of Document objects from one
Document object and then use each of the Document object to update a

I need to do this quite urgently. Can anybody please tell me how to do this.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: splitting an RTF file into multiple documents
[Originally posted by matt]

It looks like you are way off base with this..

Try looking at the examples in chapter 20 here:
...also see chapter 19..