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Good day!

Are you looking for the simplest way to solve your problems with ANN? I would like to introduce to you RLM (Ryskamp Learning Machine).

Listed features:

1. Exponentially faster calculation - Ryskamp Learning Machine uses a completely new algorithm for machine learning that breaks from the limitations of traditional machine learning algorithms.

2. Categorization, pattern recognition and specific memory in the same algorithm.

3. Substantially increased accuracy - Ryskamp Learning Machine engine has converged on a more accurate result in less time on every challenge against every other engine we tried.

4. Solves a wider variety of problem sets than traditional machine learning

5. Uses a fraction of CPU/GPU hardware. - Unlike many traditional machine learning methods, the Ryskamp Learning Machine does not use heavy amounts of mathematics or statistics. Depending on the problem being solved, our use of the CPU or GPU is often less than 10% of the usage required by traditional machine learning to converge upon the same solution.

6. Natively tracks every event for easy diagnostics. - With the Ryskamp Learning Machine simply use the SessionCaseHistory API to access every decision the machine has ever made.

7. Configuration is simple - There is only one algorithm and there are no activation functions. As with any network, users are required to set up inputs and outputs, and define the number of sessions to be run.

If you're interested with all this brilliant features of RLM, just check out our page at http://useaible.com/code/, or you can watch our cool videos on games like Lunar Lander, Maze, and Logistics Simulation which uses our engine with the following links:

Lunar Lander - http://useaible.com/machine-learning-challenge/lunarlander/
Maze - http://useaible.com/machine-learning-challenge/maze/
Logistics Simulation - http://useaible.com/machine-learning-challenge/logisticssimulation/