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In Chapter 6 (6.3 Integrating custom authentications)

The flow is described as:

4 The client application receives the authentication token returned by Cognito from the custom authentication service.

5 The client application sends the identity pool ID and the authentication token to Amazon Cognito to get an Identity ID.

6 If the authentication token (originally generated by Cognito) is valid, the client application receives a unique Identity ID for the authenticated user that will follow across any device (smartphone, tablet, web browser) where the same authentication is used. The client application can also get temporary AWS cre- dentials to assume the authenticated role used by this identity pool.

But, in the example of chapter 10 (10.3 Logging in users, Listings 10.10 and 10.11), I see that after step four, we have a token and an IdentityId already, so I am a little bit confused about steps 5 and 6...

Is the example following a different flow actually?