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[Originally posted by ian]


Realy simple question; I checked what looks like the killer Swing book on
spinzine and can't find (my stupidity) anything about mouse cursors and
control. We need to change the cursor style and also disable the moust 'click'
events from being parsed to a swing application. Bit like the hour glass
wait-till-the-systems-ready thing we are used to.

Thanks again.
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Re: Mouse Cursors and Hourglass's
[Originally posted by matt]

Well, we don't explicitly cover cursor usage
in our book (although we definitely should in
a future edition)... but what you need to do is
set up a JPanel that implements MouseListener
with empty bodied methods. In the constructor
for this panel, set the cursor to the hourglass
cursor. Then, when you want your app to be in
hourglass mode and no mouse clicks to be captured,
use this panel as your glassPane. Assuming you
are using a JFrame, call setGlassPane(yourPanel).
When you want to get out of this waiting mode,
call setGlassPane(null)...

Chapter 15 at
shows how to do this with our custom internal
frame component. Also see 'Call 911' at the
Swing Connection.