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[Originally posted by karwatka]

I am writing an applet that contains a JTable which calls JOptionPane and
JDialog upon certain input.

When JOptionPane is called as modal it is not acutally modal. We call
JOptionPane inside a recursive method called from the seValueAt method in our
tableModel. When the user clicks on the JTable a new JOptionPane will appear.

If the JOptionPane was really modal the execution of the code in our model
should be halted until the JOptionPane was closed.

IMPORTANT: This only happens when using a browser. This does NOT happen in

JOptionPane invalidItemDialog = new JOptionPane();
invalidItemDialog.showMessageDialog(null, "Invalid Item Code",
"Warning", JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE);

Note: The cell focus does not appear to change in the JTable.
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Re: JDialog and JOptionPane not modal in JTable.
[Originally posted by karwatka]

After loading the Java Plugin 1.3beta the above modal problem has been solved.

We now have a new problem, in 1.3 the focus does not return to previous focus
owner after JOptionPane or JDialog are called.
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Re: JDialog and JOptionPane not modal in JTable.
[Originally posted by matt]

This is interesting... I haven't done any work with 1.3beta yet so I can't
help specifically regarding version issues. But as a workaround, you could
query the focused componoent from the current FocusManager and store a
reference to it. Then when you dismiss your dialog, call requestFocus on that
previously focused component.

But you shouldn't have to implement a workaround... have you checked the JDC
bug database? Sorry I can't help more with this....