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Several times the term "JSON object" is used when referring to objects in JavaScript. I think this is not quite correct.

JSON is a data exchange format that allows to serialize JavaScript objects. The JSON specification defines a JSON object as the part of its syntax that describes a JavaScript object.

If an object with its data is written in JavaScript source code, it is called an object literal.

If it is held in a variable I would call it JavaScript object. You cannot tell by looking at the object whether it is originating from a JSON file or from somewhere else.
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You are right that he uses the word JSON incorrectly. However, you can tell by looking at this code that this is not JSON: JSON strings must be delimited, and the ones that he uses are not.

He should either a) use JSON correctly and call it JSON or b) use JavaScript objects and call them JavaScript objects.
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You're both right, as is the fellow who mentions it above. It's a sloppy thing that I've done there because I thought everyone did the same sloppy JSON/js object thing but now I realize it confuses some folks and I've tried to correct it throughout.