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I have been following along with building my LioN app, but after changing the name of my class from ViewController to MainViewController, I am then trying to select it in the Identity Inspector for the storyboard. This doesn't work. I click on the ViewController with the title LioN (our only ViewController) and in the drop-down list, it doesn't show any classes from which to choose. Screenshot attached.
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As is always the case, when you ask for help, you figure it out. I was clicking on the TableView area of the ViewController and trying to use the drop-down for selecting the class. Instead, I clicked on the first listing for LioN in the document outline (with the yellow icon) and then it allowed me to select MainViewController from the drop-down list. This is because I was selecting only a portion of the ViewController and so the options were only for that portion.

Loving the book so far!
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