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I'm struggling with creating an online game with ASP .Net MVC4 and now I'm not sure if I made the right decision to use it.
I want to create an interactive game like this one, for example.

Maybe there are some technologies I could use to achieve the result using ASP .Net?
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This is an interesting question, I want to hear the opinion of experts
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It would be good to hear the opinion of professionals with examples!
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Game design and development require good knowledge of a programming language. Amateur or professional, game developers have to learn ActionScript, JAVA, C++ or some other complex programming language to create 2D games. Nowadays, there are several game-making tools that do not require coding. They have a simple drag-and-drop interface, an event system, graphics editor, behaviors, a level editor, special effects and other toolsets that facilitates game development and saves time and energy.

You can use these platforms to create best game creators for making PC, Android and iOS games.
GameMaker: Studio.
ClickTeam Fusion 2.5.
Construct 2
Ben 10 Games.
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Oh, I like playing computer games, I was great fan of them in my teenage years and I still play them time till time, however now that happens not too often because adult life is much busier :p
My the most favourite one is Half Life 2, in my opinion it's the best games which had been ever made. I played it so many times and I dream about releasing third episode some day. They should end that amazing plot! smilie
I also like GTA, Hitman and Alien VS Predator series, the last one from them was really good. BloodRayne is my favourite too, in my opinion it's one of the best ones in case of main female character. Chaser, Thief and Prey are good ones too.
I like some mmorgs too, especially Cabal, Shaiya and World of Warcraft. But I don't play them often because I don't like much that donating thing for such types of games.
And I adore virtual gambling, especially best slot machines to playand card games, it's a great fun for me too but I've never spent too much money on such games.