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I'm just wondering if you are talking about the "problem/solution" of having services with dependency injection. I'm starting a new project from scratch and there is no DIC build-in like the one you can have with angular (but I don't want angular).

Same question about different settings file like local.settings.json/test.settings.json ... I don't know it this is possible smilie

Thank you!
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Hello! We will only be discussing dependency injection and implementing it in the chapters with Angular (because in my opinion Angular makes this very simple). We also will not explicitly be discussing the management of different settings in this book as we are more focusing on teaching the reader using NativeScript.

However, these are both very good questions/concerns and the best resource for these would be the official NativeScript forums (forum.nativescript.org) where we frequent from time to time along with other NativeScript developers.
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That was a quick answer, thank you!

I'll buy your book soon anyway! smilie
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You are welcome and thank you very much!